Keynote Speakers

Prof. Adrian Bejan

Adrian Bejan is a Romanian American professor who has made contributions to modern thermodynamics and developed what he calls the constructal law. He received the Benjamin Franklin Medal for “Thermodynamics and constructal theory, which predicts natural design and its evolution in engineering, scientific, and social systems”. His works impact on thermal sciences is highlighted by his original methods of theory, modeling, analysis and design that today are associated with his name: entropy generation minimization, scale analysis, temperature-heat diagram, intersection of asymptotes, constructal law, and evolutionary design.

Adrian Bejan is the author of 30 books and over 650 peer-referred articles. In October 2018, his h-index is 91 on Google Scholar and 63 on the Web of Science.
Keynote Speakers

Prof.Yukitaka Kato

Professor Yukitaka Kato, Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology with a B. Sc. He performed his graduate study at in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Tokyo Tech, obtaining his PhD. He is majoring researches related on thermal energy utilization for realization of a low-carbon society by developing thermochemical energy storage and chemical heat pump systems, and carbon recycling systems. He is the Director of Division of Environmental, Energy and Social Engineering, the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan and the Expert from Japan, International Energy Agency (IEA) ECES Annex 30, and also was the Director, Division of Energy Engineering, Society of Chemical Engineers of Japan and the Director, Division of Industrial Chemical Machinery & Safety Division, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. He published over 100 peer reviewed papers, 24 coauthored books and 37 patents. He was a Visiting Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US, and a Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, UK.
Keynote Speakers

Prof.Sutthisak Phongthanapanich

Professor Dr. Sutthisak Phongthanapanich is the Professor of Mechanical Engineering of College of Industrial Technology at King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB). He is also Associate Dean for Administration and Academic Affairs of Graduate College at KMUTNB. He is an expert in engineering numerical analysis. His significant contribution lies mainly in nodeless variable finite element method, adaptive finite element method, and finite volume element method. He has also deeply developed numerical techniques for Advection Upstream Splitting Method (AUSM). He has published over 50 papers in finite element method for heat transfer analysis and flow analysis, and finite element volume method for solving convection-diffusion-reaction problems, and AUSM scheme, and 12 books in finite element methods, and visual basic programming. He has also written 175 articles in visual basic programming for Thai Microcomputer Journal. His research also focuses on using numerical analysis for thermo-fluid-structure interaction problems, structure and crack analysis, and metal sheet forming analysis. He received the Thai invention award from National Research Council of Thailand, the best technologists award from The National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC), Thailand, in 2007, and numerous other awards.


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