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TSME-ICOME 2019 will be hosted by Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), co-sponsored by Thai Society of Mechanical Engineers (TSME). The confirmed keynote speakers are Prof. Adrian Bejan (h-index: 91) from Duke University (USA), JSME representative (Japan) and ASME representative (USA).

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TSME-ICOME 2019 papers published in the IOP conference series : Materials Science and Engineering have already been indexed by SCOPUS. We are also delighted to announce that selected papers from TSME-ICOME 2019 will be invited for submission to the Suranaree Journal of Science and Technology: SJST (SCOPUS database) or Journal of Research and Applications in Mechanical Engineering : JRAME (TCI). For those who intend to publish in IOP conference series, SJST journal or JRAME journal the full manuscript will not be included in the conference proceedings. We look forward to receiving your papers for TSME-ICOME 2019.

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