Assets for Online Presenter
  • English is the only language for presentation.

  • Presentation time is critical: each paper is allocated 20 minutes (15 minutes for oral presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A).

  • Slides should attract and hold attention, and reinforce what you say - provided you keep them simple and easy to read.

  • Presenters must be sufficiently familiar with the material being presented to answer detailed questions from the audience.

There are two options available for presentation at TSME-ICoME2022: Onsite Presentation & Online Presentation. Below is a description of each option.

On-site Presentation

  • Prepare your presentation slides in the Power Point format.

  • The presenter is required to bring their own laptop, which is available to connect with the HDMI or VGA port. The adapter for connecting with the projector is also necessary to prepare for their own if the presenter need to use it.

  • Please arrive at the designated meeting room 30 minutes before the presentation time, in case some authors are not able to make the presentation on time.

  • The presentation certificates will be given at the end of each session-by-session chairs. One excellent presentation will be selected and awarded from each topic.

Online Presentation

  • All online presenters must use the application, "Zoom", to present their works.

  • Please install the application and learn how to use it before presentation.

  • The Zoom links for all sessions (including the opening and closing ceremony) are available here:

Before conference date

  • We ask you to send a copy presentation VDO clip with a maximum length of 10 minutes and the Presentation Slides. Please note that you are invited to make real-time online presentation at the conference. This back-up VDO will only be used in case of technical problem on the day.

  • Please name your VDO clip as "[Paper no.] [First name]", for example "AME0001 Michael.mp4"

  • Please name your Presentation Slides as "[Paper no.] [First name]", for example "AME0001 Michael.pptx"

  • Please email these files to our admin at with the email subject "TSME-ICoME online session materials [Paper no.]" by December 8th, 2022

At the conference date (online session during the conference), we ask you to:

  • Please log in 15 minutes before your session for audio and screen share tests and stay logged in until the end of the session

  • Rename your Zoom username to "[Paper no.] [First name]", for example "AME0001 Michael"

  • You are requested to use the virtual background we have provided (can be downloaded in the conference website).

  • You will share the slides during the presentation by yourself. Please notify our staff before the session if you are unable to share the slides and would like any assistance.